The Team

Active Members

These are the dedicated and capable volunteers you’ll see almost every week at Code for San Francisco’s Civic Hack Night. They’re a fun, curious -and quite quantitative- bunch!

Rocio Ng, Ph.D.
Team Lead / Data Scientist @ Schoold

Vincent La
Team Lead / Data Scientist @ Clover Health

Jude Calvillo
Co-Founder & Team Lead Emeritus / Co-Founder @ Hyperthesis


Sanat Moningi
Co-Founder & Team Lead Emeritus / Solution Architect @ Salesforce

Matt Mollison, Ph.D.
Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder @ Ansaro

Tyler Field
Director of Ops / Informatics @ Point Blue Conservation Science

Catherine Zhang
Product Manager @ Workday

Scott Brenstuhl
Director of Operations @ Piazza

Spencer Barton
Software Engineer @ Branch

Abby Stevens
Data Engineer @ Doximity

Brian Smith
CEO @ Numeracy

Michael Bridge
Legal Counsel: Startups and Social Enterprises

Annalie Kruseman
Data Scientist

Anna Kiefer
Full Stack Software Engineer @ Kevala Analytics

Geoffrey Pay
UI/UX Product Designer-Developer

Ryan Tanaka
Product Manager, Data @ YourSports

Jeff Quinn
Data Engineer @ Nuna

Eric Youngson
President @ EnergyRM

Jenna Lemonias, Ph.D.
Data Scientist @ SigFig

Alexander Novet
Data Analyst @ Cisco Meraki

Kevin Vo
Research Associate @ The Federal Reserve (SF)

Arash Aghevli
Staff Software Engineer @ Twitter

Simona Aksman
Data Scientist @ 23andMe

Brian Balagot
Data Science Fellow @ Galvanize

Juliana Vislova
Product Designer

New Member @ the Data Science Working Group

Newer / Other Members

These are newer volunteers and/or volunteers who cannot participate regularly but whose contributions are nonetheless appreciated!

Matthew Pancia
Elena Palesis
Kasia R.
David Ogor
Daniel Schweigert
Jeff Lam
Debra Solomon
Biljana Rolih

Satya S. Kesavamatam
Ben Lucas
Oriah Ulrich
Mike Zawitkowski
Dylan Sather
John Huynh
Sanya Jesupaul
Qianqian Ye

Sameeran Kunche
Steven Yan
Holly Davis
Jen Selby
Ehrik Aldana
Trevor Murphy